Tockr watches. Born in Austin. Created in Switzerland. Tockr has developed a reputation for creating watches using unusual materials and design methods, including dials made from historic aircraft or battleship metal. Offering unique designs, top-of-the-line Swiss made quality and accessible price points for watch enthusiasts of all levels. Tockr was founded in Austin, Texas by pilot Austin Ivey (co-founded by Sophy Rindler) in 2017 with the goal of producing accessible aviation-inspired watches. His grandfather flew C-47 transport planes in World War II and Austin has combined a lifelong passion of both flying and watches.

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These watches have never been sold, but have been used for photographs, to show retailers and at watch shows. All are almost as good as new.


Tockr Sale and Prototypes

This is great opportunity to get a great deal on a Tockr. Save up to 50% off display watches, samples and prototypes. Tockr inspects every sample prior to shipping it. We only list watches with minimal blemishes. These blemishes are the result of being handled in a store environment. Most will be in perfect condition and if that are not, the conditions will be disclosed. For more details on any specific watch, contact us via chat or e-mail.

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